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Trances Arc Releases TA

When last we checked in with Atlanta rockers Trances Arc, the quartet was collecting pledged contributions through Kickstarter to produce its next full length album. Fast forward two months and the home grown musicians have surpassed their donation goal and completed production on TA, which is set to be released in mid-July. MDT Hint: You can download samples off the new album at the Trances Arc web site, but the MDT family was lucky enough to secure some pre-release copies that you can win by entering the MyDailyThread Ultimate Tastemaker Sweepstakes starting next week!

TA is an alt rock jaunt of epic proportions filled with solid rock anthems that are often lost in today’s sea of pop-rock radio hits. Listen closely and you may have flashbacks of ‘70s punk rock and even a little bit of classic hard rock a la AC/DC. Tracks like Phantom Mosquitoes are emblazoned with dynamic vocals reminiscent of John Lydon during his Public Image Ltd. days and rounded out with pulsating drum beats and electric guitar riffs. Camera Gun Shy has an almost acoustic sound coupled with melodic vocals and a hypnotic air of some piano-rock bands who shall remain nameless. But, what truly sets this track apart, is the bold drum sound, which paints the backdrop for a stellar example of the musical talent of the Trances Arc crew. Overall, TA is a rockers dream come true … just check out the song, Black Lung, for proof positive people!

Trances Arc is made up of long-time friends, Eric Toledo on vocals, Brad Hagen on drums, Michael Dorio on guitar and Danny Silvestri on bass. And, the group still hangs out playing music in a garage! Well, a renovated garage along the Edgewood corridor to be precise.

Want to see what the guys do in that Edgewood garage? Check them out as they take over Smith’s Olde Bar with 500 Songs for Kidz Saturday, May 8.