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HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury body products

Georgia native HollyBeth Anderson is a bundle of joy and a bundle of talent, too. She’s also the mastermind behind the locally-owned, organic body products company, HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury, and she’s on a mission to share her love of all natural products with Atlanta … and the world!

After spending much of her life traveling the globe working in international business and creating eye creams as a hobby, Anderson launched HollyBeth’s Natural Luxury three years ago. Following a string of family tragedies, Anderson says she had an epiphany that pointed her in the direction of her long time hobby. Today, she has a wide array of face and body care products, as well as luxury home wares like candles available, and each one is made with love, right down the hall from the Atlanta MyDailyThread headquarters.

From her luscious body scrubs, moisturizers and lip balms to her sweet-smelling perfumes, body washes and hand creams, everything at HollyBeth Natural Luxury is made from 100 percent certified organic ingredients. In fact, Anderson is in the process of having HollyBeth Natural Luxury certified organic because she takes great pride in using sustainable fair trade and locally grown ingredients in each of her luxury beauty and home products.

The ladies here at MyDailyThread already are hooked on the Citrus Body Cream, which is velvety smooth, stays moist on your skin for hours, and smells like you’ve stumbled into an orange grove. The Marigold and Sweet Basil Shea Butter Hand Cream is also a winner, featuring exotic fragrances and hydrating shea butter. And, kiss our grits, the Grits and Honey Scrub is an all-natural exfoliant that will make your Southern mamma proud – and your skin shine like the August sun. MDT Hint: All the HollyBeth Natural Luxury products will stay fresh for use for anywhere from 18-24 months even though they’re all-natural! However, we’re not promising you’ll be able to make them last that long since they’re so great!

You can find the HollyBeth Natural Luxury line at Atlanta and Nashville area Whole Food locations, as well as Natural Body retail stores.

For more information, check out the HollyBeth Natural Luxury web site at