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Music Fests

They say music is the universal language, and the surge of music festivals across the globe seems to confirm the age-old adage. More than ever before, people are traveling away from home to enjoy destination weekends with friends that hinge on these popular musical extravaganzas— sometimes to locations they might never have considered otherwise....

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Peter Conlon is God

Music Midtown was an Atlanta icon for more than a decade, attracting hundreds of thousands of concert goers during its eclectic multi day, multi stage heyday. Finally, after six years of mourning our fallen idol and licking our collective wounds, Peter Conlon and his merry band of musical miscreants and rhythmic rebel rousers have resurrected the proud festival tradition that is Music Midtown! Sure, this year’s version was only one day, two stages and 10 bands, so maybe it wasn’t quite the rise from the ashes some local bloggers and journalists had prayed it would be....

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