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For those about to rock …

Metalsome Inc. has been rocking Atlanta crowds since 2005 when they first brought Metalsome Monday to the local scene – insert rabid head banging and ‘Rock on’ devil’s horns here.

Part live band, part karaoke experience, but all rock ‘n’ roll, Metalsome Inc. is not for the karaoke virgin, nor is it for the easily shamed. If you’re more comfortable following the bouncing ball as you belt out ballads, you might want to find a space along the back wall and check out the talent rather than taking the stage at a Metalsome show. MDT Hint: You won’t find any Streisand, Midler or Dion here.

That’s not to say that everyone isn’t welcomed at Metalsome … just that the calibre of vocal talent truly matches the instrumental gifts of the Metalsome band – both are about as good as it gets! In fact, it’s highly likely you’ll spot some well known musical acts lurking in the crowd or having a blast on the stage at a Metalsome performance.

You can find the Metalsome crew at the 10 High (beneath the Dark Horse Tavern) every Monday, Friday and Saturday night, and check out the Metalsome Facebook page for more information.

To get a taste of a rock star’s life, be sure to get there early to sign up for a spot on the lineup because the set list fills up quickly. For those about to rock … we salute you!