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Feng Shui

Who couldn’t use a bit more serenity, happiness, focus, passion, luck or wellbeing in life. With Feng Shui, it’s possible to attract more of what you crave by altering energy flows in your surroundings.

Practiced for thousands of years, Feng Shui originated as a way to select the safest locations for agrarian dwellings. Today, the ancient Chinese art brings harmony and balance to your life through the placement of objects in your home or office. “Feng Shui is design with intention,” said Certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Harmony Designs founder and Towne Lake wife and mother of two Jennifer Hunt ( “Changing a space can fundamentally impact its energy, which can open up possibilities in your life.”

Changing the energy of a space doesn’t necessarily mean completely redesigning a home’s interior decor, according to Hunt. Nor do you have to include Asian decor. “When I go in, I tell people to shop their own homes,” she said. “I don’t tell them to go buy a new couch because the smallest changes can make the biggest impact when you do something with intention.”

The results are often astonishing, according to Hunt who practices the more Westernized Black Hat Sect (or BTB) Feng Shui. “I still get amazed every time,” she said. “Just because you may be skeptical, you can still enjoy the benefits. I recently moved some things into a person’s wealth area and they got a huge, unexpected check two weeks later. It’s also great for selling a house. The first home I did went under contract in one day. These sorts of things happen all the time.”

Unlike other schools of Feng Shui, BTB focuses on energy entering the home through the front door and doesn’t relate to compass directions. Instead, it uses a bagua map laid over a floor plan (hand drawn floor plans will do) to show which life aspects relate to which areas of the home. “Everyone has been in a space that makes them feel good and a space that doesn’t,” Hunt said. “Feng Shui principles understand why that is. It’s a scientific fact that energy is all around us. If your home is in balance, you feel better.”

A more harmonious and balanced life with increased serenity, happiness, focus, passion, luck, wellbeing and more awaits with Feng Shui. Talk about things that make you say, “Ohm!”

Originally published the March 2014 issue of Cherokee Life Magazine.