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Mother’s Day Style

Mothers and daughters may not always share in the latest fashion trends, but for some style runs in the family. That, certainly, is the case for East Cobb mother-daughter duo Angela and Emily Macuga, who love to shop together, pick out each other’s outfits and tell each other honestly  when they like a given look. Although mom Angela is “pretty traditional” and daughter Emily is more into comfort, the pair often shops together after school and on weekends at favorite stores, including Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Anthropologie, Macy*s, Target and T.J. Maxx.

When they venture out to do a bit of shopping, Angela and Emily typically go to a few planned places but add a lunch or dinner date to indulge in some special mother-daughter time and make a day of it. Angela said she always makes the excursion about Emily, a senior at Lassiter High School attending Wofford College on a soccer scholarship this fall, since the opportunity to spend quality time doesn’t come very often.

“If you have to look for something for yourself while you’re shopping, ask for your daughter’s input,” she said. “It makes them feel special to know you value their opinion. And, allow them to develop their own style— as long as it’s respectable.”

Although neither Angela nor Emily dress up everyday and concur casual work-out clothes can be super comfy, both agree first impressions are important (“you never know who you’re going to meet”) and dressing up nicely makes them feel better. Angela’s fashion philosophy is to stick with basic pieces, adding a couple of trendy items each season and investing in good shoes (“your feet will thank you”), while Emily favors  cute, comfortable clothes like leggings, t-shirts and tennis shoes, but said she never buys anything she doesn’t love.

Angela’s oldest daughter, Morgan, an interior designer, and son, Drew, a freshman at University of Georgia, also like to make shopping trips a family affair when time and schedules allow.


Every woman has her must-have beauty items, and Angela and Emily are no different. What can’t they live without? For Angela, a great mascara (like Dior Diorshow) and a lip gloss in every color are staples. Emily never leaves home without ChapStick, Clinique Stay Matte Foundation and a headband.

*Originally published in the May 2016 issue of Cobb Life magazine.