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Beach Bod

Halter, bandeau, tankini, bikini, triangle, Brazilian, boy short or even the classic one-piece, swimsuits today come in a never-ending array of cuts, colors and styles to transform any woman into a sun-kissed bathing beauty.

No matter the type of suit you’d like to rock this summer, there’s no time like the present to start working on that beach ready bod and an all-around healthier lifestyle— remember, better late than never!

Personal trainer Jimmy Nixon, who calls Kennesaw’s CrossFit Bound his home gym, said people will see immediate results with the right diet and workout regimen.

“You can lose 5 pounds just by changing your diet,” he said. “Then it’s about working out two or three times a week and getting outside and moving in between.”

Client Kathy Cheek of Acworth said Nixon taught her to keep a workout log and always keeps her challenged and motivated.

“I’ve seen such great results and feel so much better,” Cheek said. “I always feel so good and am so happy. It has a lot to do with the way he’s taught me to eat. I’m closer to feeling comfortable in a bikini than I have been in years.”

So, how did Nixon coach Cheek into swimsuit shape? Through a combination of eating healthy and compound movement workouts like the one below that include full body free weights, squatting, deadlifting, pressing, core work and balance drills:

Nixon’s Health and Nutrition Tips

  1. Eliminate sugar
  2. Limit or eliminate grains, breads and pasta (this converts to sugar too)
  3. Stay hydrated
  4. Eat clean, real, nutrient dense foods, and cut out processed foods where possible
  5. Limit alcohol to social occasions, and stick to whisky or tequila on the rocks (beer = liquid bread)
  6. Get good sleep; If you don’t sleep, your body can’t recover and stays in a stressed state
  7. Get 20-30 minutes of sun a day (with sunscreen of course)
    Move every single day
  8. Lower reps with heavier weights will tone you up, while lighter weights with more reps actually builds muscle mass, so pick a routine that fits your goals
  9. Vary your workout routine, so your body has time to recover in between

Workout Routine

  1. Start with a warm up like the 1,000-meter row to get the blood pumping
    Move into kettle bell squats for a full body workout that targets your prime movers and forces you to stabilize and engage your core and prime movers
  2. Work in a set of weighted reverse lunges to strengthen and tone your thighs and butt or medicine ball slams for an explosive power move that works your core, hips and shoulders
  3. Hold a plank for 4 minutes (20 seconds on and 10 off) for a great way to round out with a whole body workout that is definitely harder than it looks
  4. Be sure to finish by stretching to cool down

Get in touch with Nixon through the CrossFit Bound website or call (678) 324-7846.

*Originally published in the May 2016 issue of Cobb Life magazine.