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Sloane Warren

Being this funny should be illegal. But, the only time this East Cobb wife and mother of twin boys has seen the back of a squad car is as an actress playing an obsessive monogrammer named Leanne in the Dirty Little Secrets episode of her new web series.

Sloane Warren is the founder and co-producer of the locally-created web series,  Bless Yer Heart TV, a home grown sketch comedy that’s equal parts fun, fresh, smart and edgy. She’s no stranger to life in front of the proverbial camera, with a resumé including Dad’s Garage, as well as voice over work for The Georgia Lottery, an animated series called Dixie Dynamite, and Cartoon Network Latin America shows such as Ben 10, Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi, Powerpuff Girls and Kid’s Next Door. She’s also the first assistant director for the series Suspension of Disbelief. But, it was the decade she spent as a stage manager that she says best prepared her for a role behind the scenes.

“The first company I ever worked with in town, I was a stage manager,” Warren said. “That’s why the producing side came easily to me. I shouldn’t have been able to do Bless Yer Heart TV because I was green, but I surrounded myself with extremely talented people who had the knowledge, saw my vision and wanted to showcase what we have going on here in Georgia.”

The idea for a Georgia-based sketch comedy program first sprung to life at a Shay Griffin acting summit when the three-time Emmy-nominated casting director told the class to chase their dreams.

“She said, ‘If you have an idea, you just need to go do it. No one who is a success had it happen over night. These web series are creating a level playing ground for the small guy,’” Warren said. “It just resonated with me.”

As the conceptual idea took shape, Warren remembered her friend and now Bless Yer Heart TV co-producer, Jill Hames, whom she’d met only a short time before at a Sam Christensen (M*A*S*H and Clash of the Titans casting director) acting course.

“I met a lot of friends in that course, and we got to talking,” Warren said. “I wanted to involve all these people in a cut-from-cloth Georgian show depicting life in the sub pockets of humanity here. There’s very little sketch comedy that’s Southern based. We’re becoming an entertainment mecca, so there’s no reason we shouldn’t have it here.”

A few months and several thousand organically-raised dollars later, Bless Yer Heart TV was born, with the team creating and filming the 13-episode first season in just under five months.

The first season, filled with well-known writers, actors, directors and one brilliant composer, is in the can and available online. It’s irreverent, hilarious, and no one in the South is safe. Now, as season two production gets underway, Warren said Bless Yer Heart TV has gone beyond itself.

“It’s created so much more than I ever expected, and it’s still growing,” she said, “We’re providing opportunities for people, and I’m getting major actors, casting directors and others reaching out to me because they want to support us. It’s so fun to see how everyone gets involved and does whatever they can to make Bless Yer Heart TV happen. No one should have to leave Atlanta. There’s so much opportunity here.”

Help create more opportunity for local talent by checking out the first season at You may just recognize a little bit of yourself or your loved ones. Trust us, you’ll be glad you did.

*Originally published in the April 2015 issue of Cobb Life Magazine