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TEDxPT Volunteer Spotlight: Pek Suan Yew-Wyland

Faster than a broadcast news editor. More powerful than a content management system. Able to leap all hurdles in a single bound. Look. Over there at her desk. It’s a writer. It’s an unshakable project manager. It’s TEDxPeachtree content editor Pek Suan Yew-Wyland!

Pek Suan is a “dichotomous amalgamation of intriguing character traits all bottled up in superwoman packaging.” She is a tech geek and fashionista, a creative taskmaster who’s a health nut and WordPress addict. She’s quickly become an integral and much loved, member of the team.

As a top 10 finalist in a nationwide Wacoal design competition in Malaysia with dreams of attending New York Fashion Week, she could probably design her own superhero disguise if she was so inspired.

By day, Pek Suan is the client relations manager at PureRED, a branding and marketing firm, where she specializes in product packaging and printed materials. By night, she dons her TEDxPeachtree superwoman cape and transforms into the meticulous editor.

“I’m really enjoying my role as content editor,” she said. “It feels great to get back to my writing roots, and cool to be the first person to read blog posts each week from our most excellent team of writers. It’s also thrilling to be a part of the excitement as we reveal our speaker lineup every week!”

Pek Suan was introduced to the team through her close friend, Wendy Ho, who also volunteers with TEDxPeachtree. This was Pek Suan’s first encounter with TED or a TEDx group, but TEDxTalks soon became a fixture in her schedule after Wendy pointed her toward TEDxPeachtree 2012 speaker Evereman on the global TEDx YouTube channel.

“I was first attracted to volunteering by the people who represent TEDxPeachtree, and then I watched Evereman’s talk and wished I had known about it last year so I could have seen it live,” she said. “Of course, the idea behind TEDxPeachtree and the broader TED brand is also extremely appealing. It’s truly exciting to work with such an amazing group of people and has been a very rewarding experience so far.”

Pek Suan maintains an active, healthy lifestyle when not working or volunteering. All the better to keep those superwoman powers finely honed! She can regularly be found kickboxing, bootcamping and downward dogging (that’s yoga speak, folks) and recently started trail running. She’s even registered to compete in the upcoming North Face Endurance Challenge Marathon Relay and still manages to find time to volunteer with the Malaysian Association of Georgia! Holy dedication, Batman!

It’s that kind of dedication that make Pek Suan such a valuable member of the team. If you’d like to find out whether she was bitten by a radioactive spider, is in possession of a magical green glowing ring or is heir to the throne of an ancient Amazonian tribe of warrior women, you can meet her at TEDxPeachtree 2013 and ask her yourself. But, here at TEDxPeachtree, we think she’s more likely the female equivalent of Bruce Wayne–a hardworking superwoman with a brain full of wonderful toys.