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Judi Chicago Album Release

From the “sticky skylines and chicken bone sidewalks of Atlanta,” Judi Chicago brings a blend of acid house, glam rock, art-punk and the classic beats and breaks found in reggae, jungle and rave music to their repertoire.

The trio of multi-instrumentalists – James Joyce, Travis Thatcher and Ben Coleman – recently completed work on their second album Bright Lights, Fun City with well-known Atlanta-based producer Ben Allen (known for his work with such acts as Gnarls Barkley).

The newest album release from Judi Chicago is a playful, musically upbeat – if not always lyrically so – journey through the collective subconscious of the Atlanta-based trio. The tracks are syncopated by synth beats reminiscent of a strange – but, ultimately, enticing – blend of late ‘80s Brit pop and early ‘90s indie club jams.

Invite some friends, cue the strobes, break out the disco ball and get ready for an all night dance party at your place, as Judi Chicago will definitely make you feel the music in your bones.

Also look out for tracks such as Bad Spell, which makes for a quintessential driving track, especially with all this sunshine we’ve been getting here in the ‘A’ lately! See if you can pick out where Coleman’s home land is while listening to Bad Spell, which should give you a good idea of the band’s influences. MDT Hint: It’s across the pond Threaders!

For more information on the Judi Chicago boys, to purchase the new album or to take a listen, check out the band’s web site at