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Birthday Bitters

Let’s get one thing straight: I live in Atlanta because I hate the cold. Believe me, it’s not the easy traffic, clean air and kind people that have kept me here all these years (although I do have some pretty amazing friends in town). The traffic is some of the worst in the world, we spend more time on smog alert than Homeland Security does on orange and most of the transplants don’t have one iota of that much reputed Southern charm you always hear about - especially when driving through the smog blanketed city....

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Stung Another Day

Instead of succumbing to the usual Thanksgiving helter skelter, I jetted off with my parents and my son to Herron Hill Villa on Great Exuma, Bahamas (thanks to my pal Scott Lowman for the use of his place). Another stamp in the passport, another round of vacation related injuries, and I’m back in time for the holidays only a little worse for wear. As usual, I came back from the trip with a few lessons learned, a few friends made and a few days of recovery time ahead of me. As poet Moslih Eddin Saadi...

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